jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Steve Earle & The Dukes & Duchesses - Ancienne Belgique (Bruxellas) - 10/10/2011

STEVE EARLE - Voz, armonica, guitarra, mandolina, banjo
the Dukes and Duchesses

Allison Moorer - voz, teclados, acordeon, guitarra,
Kevin Looney - bajo
Chris Masterson - guitarra, steel guitar
Eleanor Whitmore - voz, violin, guitarra
Will Rigby - bateria

SETLIST (aproximado)

Set 1

Waitin' on the Sky
The Gulf of Mexico
Little Emperor
Molly O
Every Part of Me
City of Immigrants
I Ain't Ever Satisfied
My Old Friend The Blues
Guitar Town
Days Aren't Long Enough
(Duet with Allison Moorer)
Broken Girl
(sung by Allison Moorer)
Getting Somewhere
(sung by Allison Moorer)
A Change is Gonna Come
(Sam Cooke cover) (sung by Allison Moorer)

Set 2

Copperhead Road
Fearless Heart
Ben McCulloch
The Galway Girl
The Mountain
Free Men
(sung by Kelley Looney)
Meet Me in the Alleyway
God Is God
Heaven or Hell
(Duet with Alison Moorer)
Crash Test
(sung by The Mastersons)
This City
Hard Core Troubadour
The Revolution Starts Now


Fort Worth Blues
(Townes Van Zandt cover)
Hillbilly Highway
Devil's Right Hand

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