jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

Jackson Browne - 06/07/2015 - San Javier (Spain)

Jackson Browne (cantante, piano y guitarras) 
Shane Fontayne (guitarras)
Greg Leisz (guitarras, pedal steel, lap steel) 
Jeff Young (Hammond, piano y coros)
Bob Glaub (bajo) 
Mauricio Lewak (batería)
Alethea Mills (coros)
Chavonne Stewart (coros)


The Barricades of Heaven 
Just Say Yeah 
The Long Way Around 
Leaving Winslow 
These Days 
For Everyman 
I'm Alive 
You Know the Night 
For a Dancer 
Fountain of Sorrow 
Your Bright Baby Blues 
Which Side? 
If I Could Be Anywhere 
Standing in the Breach 
Looking East 
The Birds of St. Marks 
I'll Do Anything 
Sky Blue and Black 
Doctor My Eyes 
The Pretender 
Running on Empty 
Take It Easy/Our Lady of The Well. 

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